Welcome to Kingdom Hearts AMV Wiki

KingdomHeartsAMV WIki is a collection of Kingdom Hearts AMVs, made by different YouTubers.

This Wiki is all about AMVs that have been posted on youtube. In here, you'l find some of the best Kingdom Hearts AMVs out there, and some of the best makers too.

So if that sounds interesting, would it hurt to give this place a look?


Well than, come on in!

AMVs All RoundEdit

Everywhere you look on YouTube, there's a KHAMV (Kingdom Hearts Animated Music Video). So, how do you sift through the good and the bad? The one's that give AMV's a bad name, and the ones that make your heart beat race?

This little thing here, of course. Different pages for different users and groups, plus a Hall Of Infamy, will go along way to our AMV experience. Hopefully, with time, this Website will be the main index for Kingdom Hearts AMV's, that everyone looks here to see what's hot and what's not. Now, you don't have to Make KHAMV's to be a user here-but you are, then you will find this wiki has some hidden benefits you. Everyone who looks through this Wiki will have chance to watch your video-that's gotta help views!

Latest activityEdit

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