AvalonisHere (A.K.A. Coroxn, founder of this wiki) is the name of a Youtube AMV maker. Many of his videos include songs from Avril Lavigne.

Early WorkEdit

Most of Coroxn's early work were Sora^Kairi videos, although the later of these focoused on Roxas. thumb|right|300px| Not Working Well had shot up in views right from the get-go, and has since remained one of AvalonisHere's most sucsesfull and most watched videos, with over 200 views. It featured the song"Together" by Avril Lavigne, and, again, is a Sora^Kairi video.

thumb|left|300px| My Perfect Happy Ending has been well accepted, with moderate views. It is Coroxn's first ever AMV.


thumb|left|300px| Kairi The Vampire was AvalonisHere's first try at a non-Avril Lavigne song. It was catastrophic. Juliet Turner, the singer, has turned out to be a bad mix for the series, and although the sugestive title has brought in close to 40 views, most will have undoubtedly bounced away from the video after the first few seconds.

thumb|right|300px|Who Knows? (right) is the first Roxas^Kairi video of AvalonisHere. It has the titalur song from Avril Lavigne, and has seen popularity,with a few hundred views. A Roxas^Kairi video is rather hard to make, because the too never physicaly meet in the game.

thumb|left|300px|Freak Out, Let It Slide (Remix) is the first video AvalonisHere managed to complete with his broken windows movie maker. It is simply a video about Roxas, with the song "Freak Out" by AvrilLavigne

Transition MonthEdit

For a while, AvalonisHere stopped creating AMVs, and merely posted some rather bad videos of to clips shown over each other. For your own enjoyment, these will not be shown. If you wish them to be, simply tell me in the talkpage. In the midst of these, however, there was one AMV....

thumb|right|300px|How Does It Feel (left) was a Riku tribute through and through, and rather a good one. The song (Avril Lavigne's How Does It Feel) and Riku match rather well.

The Second Era Of AvalonisHereEdit

The Second Era, albeit incomplete, is undoubtidly AvalonisHere's finest hour.

thumb|right|300px|ingdom Hearts: Sora Slipped Away is the latest Avril Lavigne AMV made by Coroxn. It has had moderate viewing and High rating, and is worth a look. It's a Sora^Kairi, and all near-entierly sepia toned. A sad video, to say the leastthumb|left|300px|I Just Haven't Met You Yet is AvalonisHere's most viewed video to date, with over eight hundred views! The Song "Haven't Met You Yet" By Michle Buble.

I Just Haven't Met You Yet is AvalonisHere's most viewed video to date, with over eight hundred views! The Song "Haven't Met You Yet" By Michle Buble.

thumb|left|300px|This is one of AvalonisHere's most popular videos, and it focuses on the tension between Roxas and Sora.

thumb|right|300px|Coroxn's newest video, he experiments with the Threshold Effect

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